Dennis J. O'Connell, DO

Ophthalmologist located in Aurora, CO & Denver, CO

About Dennis J. O'Connell, DO

Dennis J. O'Connell

Dennis J. O'Connell, DO, "Denny", is an ophthalmologist and retina specialist who focuses on the treatment of conditions and diseases of the vitreous and retina. He sees patients at InSight Retina Consultants, P.C., with locations in Aurora, Denver, Glenwood Springs and Edwards, Colorado. Dr. O'Connell has been practicing since 1995 and has developed a reputation as a highly-skilled and knowledgeable surgeon. Patients and referring doctors frequently appreciate Dr. O'Connell for making himself available weekdays or weekends as well as early or late in the day to preserve vision.  Having come from a large multi-specialty ophthalmology practice, Dr. O’Connell chose to establish InSight Retina Consultants, P.C. to be able to offer more personalized care and to offer patients the full range of treatment options to preserve vision and to reduce the probability of requiring additional eye surgeries in the future.

Dr. O'Connell is a strong advocate and supporter of optometry in the State of Colorado. He has on two occasions supported optometrists at the legislative level and continues to show support by conducting OCT Club meetings covering a variety of vitreoretinal diseases.

When Dr. O'Connell finds time to step out of the office, he can often be found cycling through some of Colorado's finest roads or traveling. In May of 2011, Dr. O'Connell participated as a volunteer retinologist at the Lumbini Eye Institute in Nepal. During his journey, he hoped to be able to share his experiences as a novice traveler to this part of the globe, and to offer his perspective of the host culture and environment. The Lumbini Eye Institute was established by Seva Foundation. Of historical and spiritual interest, Lumbini is the birthplace of the Buddha. You are welcome to read about Dr. O'Connell's trip to Nepal where he shares a visual and written account in his personal blog, Eyes Wide Open.